A Semesters worth of Art…

Untitled | Acrylic | 8 x 10 in. Canvas
Over winter break I had the chance to really sit down and make some art. I was able to experiment with different mediums and styles. These paintings I made with acrylic paint (definitley my preferred medium). I wanted to play around with how negative space and the absence of color can effect the way I portray a certain feeling.

Anomaly | Mixed Media | 8 x 10 in. canvas
This piece came about pretty randomly. One day this semester, I was feeling extremely overwhelmed and I just decided to put on some music and paint without thinking about what I was making. I started with the background–I knew from the start I wanted to make the background yellow & orange. something about those colors just stood out to me. I always find it challenging to make bright “happy” colors like yellow fit my style. This piece is a reflection of the exact feelings I was experiencing on a random Thursday night this semester.

Untitled | Acrylic | 22 x 36 in Canvas
This was another painting that I made over a break this semester. I honestly became really obsessed with this style just because it was something I had never tried to create before. This style is definitely more simple than a lot of the art I usually do. I think I was so drawn to working on these pieces because it became a way to just mindlessly create and experiment with color and facial expressions.

Thumbnails from a photography project
These photo strips are just a small piece of a project I was able to work on this semester for my Form & Concept class. We went to the sculpture park in Downtown Des Moines and took abstract photos that would eventually be made into a book.

Hand-painted Nike Air Force 1’s
One of my favorite things of all time to create is painting shoes. There is something so exciting about creating something you know someone can wear. It is a whole different realm compared to painting on just a canvas. I’ve always enjoyed experimenting with painting on weird / different materials and shoes are just the newest thing I’ve gotten into.

Cubic Force | Ballpoint Pen
This sketch is one of my favorites I made this summer. Not necessarily because of the subject itself, but because of where I made it. I never really just go places by myself with the purpose of creating, but one day I borrowed my friend’s car and went to the garden at the Des Moines Art Center and just sat down and started to draw. I love challenging myself to just start creating without having anything specific in mind. It is the most freeing and exciting feeling.

Drifting | Acrylic | 8 x 10 in. Canvas
COLOR! I am absolutely obsessed with the colors in this piece. I think dark teals and blues are probably the most beautiful and interesting colors. I created this with the intention of leading your eye through the piece with all the subtle lines. Also, the contrast of the highly saturated colors in the eyes are another part of this piece that I am in love with.

Drake Magazine Illustration
This is the first illustration I made this semester for Drake Magazine. I had so much fun playing with this style of illustration–especially because of the color palette I chose to go with. The energy and dynamic shapes make this illustration fun.

Zodiacs | Illustration | Drake Magazine
Another illustration I was able to make this semester for Drake Magazine. I loved experimenting with a simple style and only using black and white for colors.

Life as a Millennial | Illustration | Drake Magazine
ANOTHER illustration! This story was so much fun to create illustrations for. I was able to play with a versatile color palette and really explore with this style of illustration as well.

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