Des Moines is a city bursting with art, it’s just a little bit more hidden than places like Chicago or Minneapolis . The more I get the chance to actually explore this city, the more I realize just how much it has to offer. The Des Moines Art Center is one of my favorite places. But the sculpture park downtown is another place where I can fill my creativity craving. As an art student, I constantly am searching for new experiences and different artwork. This week I was challenged in one of my courses (Form and Concept) to spend time at the sculpture park in downtown Des Moines with just my camera and the art. I was pushed to look at all of the pieces with a different lens than I might typically have looked at the sculptures with. The goal was to focus on the abstract elements like…

Texture, linear vs. organic shape, color and form.

It was refreshing to just walk around outside in the sun, listening to music, and just take in all the art has to offer. Often times I struggle with finding new inspirations. I think that mostly stems from being on a campus that is pretty small–it can become almost like a bubble. At school it is pretty easy to get caught up in a routine and just become complacent rather than push to go outside what is comfortable. Too often I become bored with my surroundings, I want new, I want different, I want exciting. However, I’ve been learning more and more that I can have those new and exciting experiences in places that aren’t ‘new’. It all has to do with how you look at your environment.

The following pictures are bits and pieces of an upcoming photo book project I am working on. These pictures were the ones that stood out to me and what I feel truly capture what I mean when I say it’s so important to push yourself to look at things in a new way. Some pictures capture a sculpture in its’ entirety. Some pictures focus on a specific element like color, texture or shape. Creativity and inspiration can come from seriously ANYTHING. Sometimes I have found inspiration for pieces from the color of the sky, or a specific part in a song, or the color of someones shirt, or… I could go on and on and on. Art is something that will always be a challenge, but it’s a challenge I love. Des Moines is proving to be a city that can aid me in my art career if I just keep searching for new ways of looking at it.

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