Another thing I enjoy is music. Here are some songs that I’ve been into the past week!

Heart of Glass | Blondie
This song is crazy good. I love listening to it in the morning before going to class. But mostly this song just reminds me of home and my mom. She is the one who showed me Blondie and ever since I was about 6, I’ve bumped this song. MUCHO MISTRUST!

There is a Light That Never Goes Out | The Smiths
The Smiths are just never not good. this week has been pretty crazy and this song is always a go to for me. Its emotional and sad and everything I need it to be.
Rebel Yell | Billy Idol
Rebel Yell is a song I always love, but have forgotten about until very recently. The beloved game Guitar Hero reminded me how much I mess with this song. The guitar is wild in it and I’ve been listening to it non-stop since.
Running Up That Hill (A Deal with God) | Kate Bush
THIS. SONG. WOW. I think I honestly listen to this song everyday. It never stops being so intense and emotional, and I can’t get enough. Plus, it’s just a perfect song for singing in the shower.
Hey Nineteen | Steely Dan
Yeah, Steely Dan actually rules and guitar hero once again reminded me of that. Hey Nineteen was the perfect song to listen to when I was outside (in the actual nice spring weather) working on my design homework.
Let it Happen | Tame Impala
Let it Happen is always a song that gets me energized. The beat is just cool, and Tame Impala will always be a favorite.
Myth | Beach House
Lately, I have been listening to sooooo much Beach House. I can’t get enough, ESPECIALLY in my 3 hour design classes. Yeah, they are amazing.
ICE BOY | Corbin
Listen to this song if it is raining and you are SAD. His sound and voice is just so interesting and different. I’ve been obsessed with this song ever since it came on my discover weekly on Spotify.
Night Drive | Part Time
I’ll end with a song that I love listening to in the car when I’m driving at night (I know it’s the title but still). The beat of this song is really cool and it’s just a fun one to listen to when you are in the car with your friends or by yourself.

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